Feature Update: New Form Builder with Modern Design LIVE on Labs πŸš€

We are excited to announce that UI revamp of the form builder is LIVE on Labs! ( One of The Most Upvoted Items for Forms)

Note: This release is covering Phase 1 changes. Phases 2 and 3 are coming soon with more advanced designs and functionalities including form templates, themes, and more form customisation options.

πŸ”₯ What’s new with this update?

– We have given the interface a makeover, focusing on usability. The new design offers a clean and intuitive layout, ensuring a seamless form-building experience.

– Form elements like standard and custom fields can be added from the left. All the styles, designs, and options are available on the right.

– Major Bug fixes on the preview & usability side. Easier access to preview the forms & integrate them in funnels.

🌟 How to activate? 🌟

Head over to Sub-Account Settings and navigate to Labs.

Look for the “UI Revamp of Form Builder” option.

Turn on the toggle switch to activate the UI Revamp of Form Builder

Go to form builder, and users will be able to use the new builder.

🌟 How does our new builder look? 🌟

– Easily add form elements/fields from the left from here:

– Field-level customisation can be easily done on the right. You can style your button accordingly as well.

– Multiple integrate options

– Do the styling and additional options from the right and make your forms beautiful

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