Feature Update: New Fillable Element: Initials Within Documents and Contracts

What’s New? / Key Features / Benefits

New Fillable Element: Initials:

– While going through a multi-page PDF, a lot of senders wanted to add an option for the signer to add Initials on every page to ensure that they have gone through it.

– Editors will now be able to drag and drop initials and assign it to the recipient that they want.

– Signers will be able to click on the initials element and either type or draw their initials.

How to Use?

For Document Editors: Drag and drop initials from the side tab and assign it to recipients

For Document Signers: Click on the Initials field > Use Pre-filled text or edit your initials > Click on Accept

Why This Feature?

This helps to make the editor for documents and contracts more powerful and increases usability.

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