Feature Update: New Feature in Communities – Member Approval

We are excited to introduce an enhancement to our community platform with the introduction of Membership Questions.

This feature enables community owners and administrators to gather valuable information from potential members, streamlining the onboarding process and fostering a more engaged and purposeful community.

Key Features

Customisable Questions:

– Community owners can now add up to three membership questions from group settings.

– Questions can be tailored to gather specific information from potential members, helping to ensure a better fit within the community.

Diverse Answer Types:

Membership questions support various answer types, enhancing flexibility:

1. Text: Members can provide detailed, open-ended responses. :memo:

2. Multiple Select: Users can choose multiple options from a predefined list.

3. Single Select: Members can select a single option from a list of choices.

Universal Applicability: Membership questions can be enabled for any type of group, including public groups, private groups, or even paid groups.

Seamless Joining Experience:

– Users can submit their answers to membership questions during the group joining process.

– This streamlined experience enhances user engagement and provides a more efficient onboarding process.

Admin/Owner Review:

Community administrators and owners can easily review submitted answers by navigating to the Group Members section and selecting Requested

This centralised location simplifies the management of incoming member data and ensures that community leaders have the information they need.

How to Get Started

For Community Owners/Admins:

– Navigate to your group settings to add or edit membership questions.

– Choose the question type and customise the wording to suit your community’s needs.

For Community Members:

– Answer membership questions during the group joining process to provide valuable insights to the community.

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