Feature Update: New Calendar View with Calendar Overlay

We’re excited to introduce our enhanced calendar experience, designed to streamline your appointments and elevate your scheduling efficiency. Here’s a breakdown of the key features in this release:

Quick Month View: Seamlessly navigate through future dates with our intuitive month view, ensuring you stay ahead of your appointments.

Multi-User Selection: Manage multiple users effortlessly by selecting them at once, providing a consolidated view of their appointments in a single glance.

Multi-Calendar View: Simplify your schedule by choosing different calendars and consolidating all their appointments into one unified display. No more juggling between calendars—everything you need is in one place.

Multi-Group View: Select multiple groups effortlessly. Appointments within these groups overlay on your calendar, offering a comprehensive overview of your day.

Color Coding for Clarity: Users: Each user’s appointments are color-coded, allowing easy distinction of schedules at a glance.

Groups and Calendars: Appointments are displayed in colors based on your customized settings, ensuring quick identification.

Intuitive Icons

Instantly recognize events with our new icons:

Google Event: Synced from Google Calendars

Outlook Event: Synced from Outlook Calendars

Apple Event: Synced from iCloud Calendars

Recurring Event

Blocked Slot: Indicates unavailable time slots

Invalid: Highlights marked invalid events

Persistent Multi-Select: Your selected calendars and users are remembered, allowing you to seamlessly resume your preferred view with just a click.

Additional Info on Hover: Hover over any appointment for a detailed snapshot, including event type, title, start, and end times. Stay informed without the need to click—simplicity at your fingertips.

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