Feature Update: Multiple Dashboards

Release Type: T2 (New Feature)

🚨 Where: Live on Labs 🚨

We’re thrilled to announce a game-changing update that will revolutionize your dashboard experience – Multiple Dashboards are here!

Previously, you were limited to just one dashboard, but with this update, you can now create and manage multiple dashboards tailored to your needs. 🚀

Key Highlights:

Create Dashboards: Design your dashboards to reflect your unique needs and insights.![image]

Manage Permissions: Tailor access for individual dashboards, ensuring precise control over who sees what.

Clone Dashboards: Effortlessly create duplicates, saving time and enabling quick modifications.

Delete Dashboards: Clear the clutter with the ability to remove dashboards you no longer need.![image]

Pin Dashboards: Prioritize your most critical insights by pinning your favorite dashboards for instant access.

Getting Started:

1. Enable Multiple Dashboards in Labs settings.

2. Navigate to the Dashboard section.

3. Click on the blue dashboard navigation icon on the left.

4. Hit the “Add Dashboard” button.

# What’s Next?

Our festive spirit doesn’t end here! Coming up in future releases:

– 🔄 Cloning Dashboards to another location:*Duplicate your dashboards effortlessly.

– 🎛️ Enhanced Filters: More filter options, new operators, and exciting new widgets.

– 👥 Permissions for Account Admins: Extend control to Account Admins.

– 🔗 Iframe Support: Embed external content on your dashboard seamlessly.

Important Note:

This feature is exclusively available for users on $497 and higher plans. Agency Admins, ensure to enable dashboard stats in settings to allow Account Users to bask in the glory of this functionality. Check out the how-to guides and help articles here!

Get ready to elevate your dashboard game! 🚀

Stay tuned for more updates and happy dashboarding!

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