Feature Update: Multi-Commission Support & Granular Product Commission Details 🚀

We’re beyond excited to introduce significant upgrades to our Affiliate Manager. This enhancement focuses on providing greater control and flexibility over product-based commissions, while also offering detailed commission insights to your customers and affiliates.

What’s New? 🌟

1 . Link Commission to Product Variants 🔗

– Set unique commission rates for different product variants, allowing a more tailored commission structure.

2 . Fine-Tune Commission Strategies 📈

– Customizable commission values for each product variant let you direct affiliates towards promoting specific items that offer higher commissions.

3 . Global & Individual Settings 🌍

– Choose to maintain a uniform commission structure or specify unique commissions for different product variants.

4 . Effortless Configuration 🔄

– Setting up your product-based commission values is now straightforward and intuitive, accessible from your campaign create/edit page.

5 . Transparent Commission Visibility 🔍

– Both customers and affiliates can now see detailed commission information on each product page, including variant-specific commission rates.

6 . Comprehensive Affiliate Dashboards 📊

– Affiliates now have a dashboard where they can see their performance metrics for each product variant, including clicks, conversions, and commissions.

How to Get Started 🎉

– Navigate to the campaign create/edit page within Affiliate Manager.

– Scroll to the ‘Campaign Commission Type‘ section and choose ‘Product Based Commission‘.

– Click on variant options to set or view commission rates for each variant.

– Save your changes.

– Check out the new affiliate dashboards to gain valuable insights into commission metrics.

We believe these updates will significantly enrich the affiliate management experience and offer more strategic control. 🎉

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