Feature Update: Mobile Responsive Editing in Funnel & Website Builder: Alignment for All Elements 😍

We’re thrilled to introduce a new enhancement to the alignment settings of all the elements. Now with advanced customization options, you can set different text alignments, button alignments, Image alignments, etc for mobile and desktop views, ensuring optimal readability and design across all devices.

🀩 Hierarchical Alignment Settings🀩 : Users can now set separate font sizes for desktop and mobile views, ensuring optimal readability and visual consistency across various screen sizes.

🀩 Improved Mobile Editor 🀩 : The mobile editor has been updated to include options for adjusting text alignment settings specifically for mobile responsiveness, making it easier for users to customize their designs for smaller screens.

πŸ”₯ This feature can be used for the following:πŸ”₯

– Customized button alignment across web and mobile

– Text Alignment in Headlines, paragraphs, Bullet lists, etc across devices.

– Social Icon alignment customization

– Image Alignment customization

πŸš€πŸš€ Major Paint Point Solved πŸš€πŸš€

Now there is no need to create multiple sections and keep different alignments in multiple devices and hide from one device.

πŸ₯³ How to Use? πŸ₯³

– To change the alignment of an element in the new funnel builder and make it responsive across different devices, follow these steps:

– Select the desired element in the funnel builder, such as a headline.

– Go to the element settings and navigate to the text alignment option.

– Adjust the text alignment for the desktop. This change will also apply to mobile devices.

– Click on the desktop icon to switch to the mobile view.

– Change the text alignment specifically for mobile. Note that this change will not affect the text alignment on the desktop.

– To modify the text alignment for the desktop again, switch back to the desktop view and make the necessary adjustments. This change will only affect the text alignment on the desktop.

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