Feature Update: Messaging Status and Error Insights on Conversations Page ⚠️

Ensuring clarity and transparency, we’ve revamped the way you understand message statuses and errors.

Highlights 🌟

– 🔍 Accurate Messaging Statuses: We’ve optimized our systems to provide up-to-date final status updates, minimizing billing and reporting discrepancies.

– 🚫 Clearer Error Descriptions: Dive deeper into issues with refined terminologies for common message errors, ensuring you and your customers always know what’s happening.

Error Breakdown 🔧

Error 11751“Media Size Limit”: Media exceeds messaging provider size limit. The maximum size limit depends on the messaging channel. ℹ️ For an MMS message, the size limit is 5MB.

Error 30001 – “Queue OverFlow”: You tried to send too many messages too quickly and your message queue overflowed. The best practice is to send 1 message segment per second.

Error 30002 – “SMS Capabilities Suspended”: Your SMS sending capabilities were restricted because of a violation, please contact the agency.

Error 30003 – “Unreachable Destination Handset”: The destination handset you are trying to reach is switched off or otherwise unavailable.

Error 30005 – “Unknown Destination Handset”: The destination number you are trying to reach is unknown and may no longer exist.

Error 30006 – “Landline or Unreachable Carrier”: Your message was sent to a landline, or an unreachable carrier for this phone number type. Enabling Number Validation can help to avoid sending messages to these numbers.

Error 30007 – “Carrier Violation”: The destination carrier is filtering out your messages for delivery. The content of your message was flagged as going against carrier guidelines. A2P/Toll-Free Registration might help.

Error 30008 – “Unknown Error”: If a message you sent is not delivered to the end device and returns a 30008 error code, this means that delivery of your message failed for unknown reasons and carrier partners had no further details about it.

Error 30011 – “MMS Error”: The destination handset either doesn’t support MMS, or MMS is not currently enabled on the device.

Error 30019 – “SMS Size Limit”: Recommended SMS messages to a length of 320 characters or less are recommended to avoid any failures from Carriers. We do support lengths up to 1600 characters though.

Error 30023 – “US A2P 10 DLC – Daily Cap Limit Reached”: You have sent the maximum allowable daily messages for your Brand to the carrier.

Error 30032 – “Toll-Free Registration Pending”: Your toll-free number has not been verified to allow the sending of traffic in the USA and Canada. Register your toll-free number to avoid message failures.

Error 30034 – “A2P Registration Pending”: You are sending messages to the US using a US 10DLC number that is not associated with an approved A2P 10DLC Campaign. Register your A2P brand to avoid message failures.

📝 Below is an example screenshot how it will appear:

ℹ️ Explore more on the LC Phone System Messaging Policy 👈

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