Feature Update: Membership (Courses) – Enhancements and Fixes

We are thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to our platform with the introduction of Course Progress Optimisation. This update marks a significant improvement in how you track and view your progress through our courses.

Key Enhancements

Course Progress Optimisation:

Learners and Instructors gaining insights into the analytics of their courses are crucial aspects of our product. Operating at our current scale, the previous approach of calculating progress for users in real-time, posed challenges to our system.

To address this, we’ve upgraded our course progress analytics architecture. Now, course progress updates instantly on various events, providing a seamless experience. The process is precomputed for efficiency and scalability

Tech Updates

Snapshot Load Revamp: Membership Products being one of the heaviest processes under snapshots were affecting all our other APIs in terms of latency and DB spikes, so we have optimized our Snapshot Load process, moving the heavy lifting to dedicated workers. This strategic move minimizes overhead during peak hours, ensuring a smoother experience for all users.

Location Security Fix: Products from other locations were accessible in multiple different locations, we added location level checks in the backend, and routes are also protected based on a user having access to a location.

Assessment Analytics UI: The Assessment Analytics page just got an upgrade! We’ve added Pagination and improved search functionality to make navigating through assessments a breeze, even at scale. With these enhancements, analyzing and interpreting assessment data becomes more efficient, empowering instructors with a seamless user interface.

Bug Fixes

Course Login Analytics Fixes: We’ve diligently addressed and fixed issues related to Course Login Analytics. Course creators will now experience accurate tracking and reporting of learners who are accessing their courses.

MCQ Quiz fixes: MCQ Quizzes got a revamp to make sure they aligned with both our instructor’s and learner’s needs.

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