Feature Update: Match Conditions are Now Part of the “IVR Gather” Action

About This Enhancement

With this enhancement, the IVR Gather action now contains the branching option “Match Condition” for all the Keypress options that the users want to configure in the “IVR Gather” action.

What Problem Is It Solving?

Earlier the users would have to first configure the IVR Gather step, entering the message which would be played for the caller, based on which they would choose by pressing the Key. After this, the users would then have to add a separate “If/Else” action, where the users would then map further actions based on the Keypress.

This was not very intuitive and took additional action to be able to achieve the outcome from the IVR gather action itself. With this enhancement, we are solving for

1. Better User Experience

2. Reducing Overall actions needed to perform the same task

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