Feature Update: Marketplace Updates: Introducing Custom Field File Upload 🛠️

We’re thrilled to bring you a brand-new feature that enhances your experience in the developer marketplace. Let’s dive into the details!

What’s New 🆕

# 📁 Custom Field File Upload

– You can now upload files directly into custom fields.

– Developers can leverage our APIs to upload files into custom fields for contacts.

# 🛡️ New Permissions

– We’ve added permissions to make sure the feature is secure and accessible for those who should have access.

# 📂 Multiple Files & Fields

– Our new update allows to upload of multiple files into a single custom field and supports uploading into multiple custom fields.

# Documentation 📚

Want to dive deeper? Check out the official documentation for more details. 👈

This feature aims to offer more flexibility and control in data management. We hope you find this update as exciting as we do! Thank you for being part of our community! 🎉

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