Feature Update: Marketplace Updates: Granular Webhook Permissions 🪝

We’re pleased to share a new feature addition to the developer marketplace!

🪄 What’s New

Selective Webhook Subscriptions: Developers now have the flexibility to choose specific webhooks they want to subscribe to as per their scopes selected, offering a tailored experience.

No Re-installation or Re-authorisation Needed* If the requested scopes remain consistent, developers can modify their webhook subscriptions without having to go through the hassle of reinstallation or seeking re-authorisation as long as the authorised scopes do not change.

Optimized Server Requests:: With the ability to select specific webhooks, developers can avoid unnecessary server requests, ensuring their servers aren’t overwhelmed with redundant data.

Webhooks Default State: All webhooks will be enabled as per their scope till September 30, 2023, if developers do not select specific webhooks for now. Once they do, only the specific webhooks will be sent events to. After the 30th of September, webhook events will only be sent to subscribed events.

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