Feature Update: Marketplace – Action Enhancements

1. Empower Your Actions with Versatile HTTP Methods

– Unleash the potential of your workflows by incorporating GET, PUT, and DELETE alongside the existing POST method for action execution. More options, more control!

*2. Tailor-Made Payloads for a Personalised Touch

– Introducing a game-changer! Customize your action payloads with ease. Choose between default configurations or define your own custom settings to receive data in the most meaningful way for your processes.

3. Seamless Date Integration for Enhanced Workflow Precision

– Enhance your workflow by seamlessly integrating dates. The newly added date input field allows you to input and process date information with precision.

4. Fine-Tune Your Timing with Date Time Input

– Take your actions to the next level with the date-time input field. Perfect for scheduling tasks with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

5. Effortless Connectivity with Phone Input

– Simplify your workflows with added support for a phone input field. Connect and engage effortlessly as you streamline your processes.

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