Feature Update: Manual Approval of New SaaS Sub-Accounts

Agencies now have the option to pause all newly created SaaS sub-accounts until they are manually reviewed and approved.

Use Case: Giving agencies the ability to protect themselves from being targeted by scammers.

How It Works?

1. The agency needs to enable this setting under SaaS Configurator > Security.

2. Once this setting is enabled for the agency, whenever a new client signs up on their SaaS, their account will get created in a ‘Restricted‘ state. The sub-account admins and users will be locked out of the account until an agency admin has reviewed and approved the sub-account.

3. All the ‘Pending Review‘ requests will be available for the agency under the Requests section in the SaaS Configurator > Security tab, as well as on the sub-accounts list page against each of the respective sub-accounts.

4. The agency can review each of the sub-accounts by getting the sub-account admin’s contact info from either there or the Manage Client page of respective sub-accounts, talking to them/verifying their identity, and then approve or decline the sub-account activation request.

5. The sub-account admins can start using their accounts immediately after their activation request has been approved.

6. In case the request is declined for a particular sub-account, the sub-account admins and users will remain locked out. The agency would still have an option to activate the sub-account from its Manage Client page.


This setting is disabled by default for all agencies and needs to be enabled in the SaaS configurator.

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