Feature Update: Mandatory Email and Phone Verification for SaaS Sub-Accounts

All new SaaS sub-accounts will now have to verify their email and phone numbers before the sub-account users can access their accounts.

Use Case: Protect SaaS agencies from scammers who use VoIP numbers and disposable email IDs to create multiple sub-accounts.

How It Works?

1. We have put Two-Factor Authentication in place for sub-account admins when they log into their accounts for the first time.

2. As soon as they log in, we will send a verification code to their registered email address which they have to enter in order to proceed.

3. After email verification, the sub-account admin is asked to enter an SMS-enabled phone number which will then get a verification code that they have to enter to gain access to their account.

4. Note: The same phone number can not then be used to create/verify another sub-account (with any SaaS agency) for the next 7 days.

Bypassing 2FA

– There is no way for a sub-account admin to bypass the 2FA.

– Agency admins will have the option to manually verify a sub-account (without any code) from the sub-accounts Manage Client page after at least 1 failed attempt by the sub-account admin.

– 2FA is enabled by default for all SaaS agencies and sub-accounts, and can NOT be disabled.

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