Feature Update: LinkedIn Lead Integration

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest feature: LinkedIn lead integration.

What’s New?

Seamless Lead Fetching: Connect your LinkedIn account and effortlessly import leads into your CRM.

LinkedIn Lead Ads: Just like with Facebook and TikTok, you can now import leads generated by LinkedIn lead ads directly into your CRM.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts: Users can add or link multiple LinkedIn Pages or Ad accounts at the sub-account level. There are no restrictions on the number of ad accounts that can be connected per account.

Flexible Syncing: Customers have the flexibility to choose the sync time for each ad account/page they integrate with. This allows you to import leads from the last 90 days or opt for new leads only.

How It Works

Enable LinkedIn Integration on Labs: Activate LinkedIn Integration in your Labs settings.

Connect LinkedIn: Visit the integrations page and click on “Connect” for LinkedIn.

Authorize Your Account: Complete the authorization process by logging in to your LinkedIn account and ensuring that all necessary permissions are granted.

Select Ad Accounts and Sync Time: Choose the ad accounts you want to connect and specify the sync time (All leads or New leads).

Connect: Click on “Connect.”

Field Mapping: Navigate to the form field mapping section and map the fields according to your preferences.

Start Collecting Leads: Voila! All your leads will now seamlessly appear in your contacts.

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