Feature Update: Limit Inventory of Products Sold on Order Forms and Online Store

– Business users will now be able to limit the number of units sold for products on online stores as well as order forms

– This is available under the products creation page while creating a new product as well as for any existing products

– This solves a major pain point of limiting the inventory of a particular product sold on order forms or online stores. This is also helpful for businesses in the ticketing and event industries.

– Businesses will have the option to continue selling when out of Stock, which means that even if the product inventory becomes 0, they can keep the sales on. However, another option also exists, to stop selling as soon as the last ticket to the event is sold, for example.

– Users will be able to make any additions or deductions to the inventory count of the product or only a particular variant at any point in time. The adjustment history will be available for all products and variants on the same page

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