Feature Update: LC Phone Billing Updates – Carrier Fee and Phone Number Charges 📞

We’re always striving to bring you the best, which is why we’ve given our billing system a boost for better accuracy and efficiency.

What’s New? 🚀

đŸ“ŗ Carrier Fees Billing

Greater Transparency: Carrier fees will be directly passed on without any agency markup.

Universal Change: Whether you’re on LC Phone or Twilio, this billing method is consistent for all agencies.

💸Phone Number Billing

In-Depth Integration: With the new ‘number type’ feature now a part of our interface and database, we’ve got all your phone numbers covered.

Reduced Oversights: This update ensures every number is accurately billed, eliminating chances of missing out.

Trust in our commitment to keep making the HighLevel experience smoother and clearer! 🌟

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