Feature Update: LC Email Sub-Account – Enhanced Email Domain Selection

We are thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature to enhance the email communication strategy. With our latest release, Users can now choose individual sending domains for One-One Conversation, Workflow, and Default domains (All other emails will be using this like Campaign / Bulk emails).

How it works

– Access the “Email Domain Selection” feature Sub-account Settings – Email Service > SMTP Service > Dedicated Domain and IP > Domain Configuration

– Choose the sender domain for one-on-one emails, and workflow communications, and set the default domain for campaigns, bulk emails, and others.

– Currently, we allow only one domain to be assigned.

– The selected domain will act as the sending domain.


– Sending emails from different domains can offer several benefits for your email marketing strategy.

– By sending emails from separate domains, users can better control and optimize your deliverability rates.

– Maintain a clean sender reputation

– If bulk emails face deliverability issues, spam complaints, or other problems, Workflow and One-One emails are less likely to be affected.


– Separate domain assignment for Campaign and Bulk email.

– The sending domain can be selected for individual workflow, campaign, and bulk email levels.

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