Feature Update: LC Email Sub-Account – Default Header

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to our LC email dedicated sending domain. Now, users have the option to set a default From Name and Email Address for their dedicated sending domain. This designated header will be automatically applied to all emails sent through the domain.

With this new feature, users can streamline their email management by preventing sending from multiple non-associated email addresses. Additionally, using this Domain Configuration feature they can distribute the email load across multiple domains, thereby minimizing the risk of email failures, especially regarding DMARC compliance, and ultimately enhancing deliverability.

To ensure seamless alignment, when users add an email, we automatically check for domain alignment and provide notifications if misaligned, helping to mitigate potential failures. It’s worth noting that as of February, Gmail and Yahoo have implemented DMARC checks, urging users to refrain from sending from free email addresses such as Gmail and Yahoo. For those currently using these addresses within our system, instead of manually locating and removing them, this feature provides a convenient alternative solution.

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