Feature Update: LC Email: Dedicated Sending IP

Dedicated IPs in LC Email provide a distinct advantage by enabling users to send emails from a unique, separate IP address. We’re thrilled to announce that this feature is now live for 30 agencies (The top 15 email senders and 15 from users voted on canny), and it will be made available to others in the upcoming week. The agency will be charged $59 per month for one IP.

Why is it Important?

Email service providers (ESPs) evaluate the reputation of the IP address from which emails are sent. A dedicated IP allows you to have full control over your sender’s reputation.

If users follow best practices and maintain a good sender reputation, emails are more likely to reach the recipients’ inboxes rather than being flagged as spam.

A dedicated IP address gives you control over your email-sending patterns and volumes.

If a shared IP gets blacklisted due to the actions of one sender, all users sharing that IP can be affected. With a dedicated IP, you reduce the risk of being blacklisted due to someone else’s actions.

Key Features

Agency Rebilling: Agencies can set markups ranging from 1 to 3X.

Reselling Made Easy: Default setup on the reselling page.

Auto IP Warmup: All IPs are set to auto-warmup by default.

Multi-Domain Support: IPs can be assigned to multiple domains.

Reverse DNS Support: Maintain the domain’s reputation.

Who can buy a dedicated IP?

Dedicated IPs are exclusively available for Agencies on the $297/$2970 and $497/$4970 plans.

Both Agencies and sub-accounts can purchase a dedicated IP if they are using LC – Email as the Email provider.

IPs purchased by the agency can only be added at the agency level and cannot be resell the same to sub-accounts or assigned to sub-account domains.

Non-SaaS sub-accounts are eligible to purchase if the Agency grants permission. This setup is detailed on the Agency Sub-accounts page.

📚For more detailed information, check out our support articles:

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