Feature Update: Introducing Timezone Tracking in Form/Survey Submissions 🚀

We’re excited to announce a new feature that captures the timezone of users who fill out your forms and surveys!

🤩 What’s New? 🤩

Automatic Timezone Recordi: Our forms and surveys are now equipped with the ability to automatically capture the timezone of users at the moment they submit their responses, enhancing the richness of your collected data.

🌟Key Highlights🌟

Enhanced Data Insights: Deepen your understanding of respondents by capturing their timezone, adding valuable context to each form or survey submission.

User-Friendly Settings: Enjoy the flexibility of easily toggling the timezone capture feature on or off within your form or survey options, giving you complete control over your data collection process.

🔥How It Works 🔥

Toggle Timezone Feature: Simply use the “Enable Timezone” option within your form or survey settings to activate this feature.

Automatic Detection and Recording: Once enabled, our system automatically detects the user’s timezone and seamlessly integrates this information with each submission, ensuring no extra steps are required from your end.


Default Activation for Immediate Benefits: This exciting new feature is set to ‘on’ by default, so you can immediately start benefiting from these valuable timezone insights without any additional setup.


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