Feature Update: Introducing the Ability to View and Install Subaccount-Level Marketplace Apps within the Platform πŸš€

What’s New πŸ†•

– Subaccount admins can now seamlessly install public Marketplace apps directly from the GHL UI.

– Easily discover apps by category or search for a specific app that fits your needs.

– Click on an app to delve into its core functionalities, offerings, and details.

– Subaccounts can install these apps based on the app’s relevance to their account.

– Rest assured, all apps are vetted and approved by our internal team before becoming accessible to subaccounts.

App Listing Criteria πŸ“

To ensure an optimal experience and uphold the quality of our marketplace, we’ve set rigorous criteria for app listings:

– The app must feature both a logo and a comprehensive description.

– A redirect URL must be provided for the app.

– The app must have successfully passed our review process.


This feature is now live in Subaccount Labs.

Quick Guide on How to Activate πŸ› οΈ

– Navigate to Subaccount Labs.

– Activate the new feature.

– Explore the ‘Apps Marketplace‘ from the left primary menu and enjoy discovering and installing new apps!

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