Feature Update: Introducing Short Label in New Form and Survey Builder 🚀

The “Short Label” feature in a new form and survey builder provides a succinct and informative descriptor for each input field, question, or section within your form or survey. This feature is designed to enhance the clarity, usability, and overall user experience of your forms and surveys.

😎 How It Works 😎

The “Short Label” feature allows you to assign a brief and focused title or heading to each element in your form or survey. This label serves as a quick overview of the content or input expected from respondents. It’s positioned below the respective input field, question, or section, ensuring that users immediately understand its purpose.

🌟 How to Incorporate Short Label 🌟

– Enable New builders from Labs

– Open the Form or Survey and Add some fields

– Click on any fields

– User will be able to see short label input on the right side

– Add description inside short label input of selected fields

– Additionally, In styles user can change the font size, font family, font weight, and color of short label

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