Feature Update: Introducing In-App HIPAA Subscriptions and Improved Document Handling πŸš€

Introducing a user-friendly update to our app, designed to simplify your HIPAA subscription and document management process. Experience the ease of in-app HIPAA services and efficient document handling, all tailored to enhance your compliance workflow.

πŸ”’ How It Works

Subscription Initiation: When an agency user subscribes to the HIPAA service, the system starts the document creation process.

Document Generation: A HIPAA document is automatically generated using the agency’s name and email.

User Interaction for Signing: Users are directed to the overview page to sign the document.

Overview Page Capabilities: On this page, users can review, electronically sign, and interact with the generated document.

Manual HIPAA Activation: Until the document is uploaded to CompliancyGroup, HIPAA activation is performed manually.

CompliancyGroup Limitation: Due to the absence of an API in CompliancyGroup, HIPAA activation, and document upload require manual intervention.

πŸ†• What’s New

In-App HIPAA Purchase: Users can now easily purchase HIPAA subscriptions directly within the app, enhancing transaction visibility.

Document Display with PandaDoc iframe: The app now seamlessly displays the HIPAA document within its interface using a PandaDoc iframe.

Comprehensive Document Handling: Users can view, electronically sign, and download the document within the app.

Dual Signature Options: Two signing options are available: in-app electronic signature and email-based signature request sent by PandaDoc.

Status Display: The app offers real-time updates on the document’s status, providing details on processing and completion.

πŸ”œ What’s Next

– Automating HIPAA Enable Process:

– Plans are in place to automate the HIPAA enable process.

– If the document is not signed within 30 days, a reminder email will be sent.

– Subscriptions will be canceled if not signed after 30 days.

πŸ“š Explore more about HIPPA Compliance here πŸ‘ˆ

Stay tuned for more updates and streamlined processes!

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