Feature Update: Introducing Developer App Notifications

We’re thrilled to unveil a new feature in the App Marketplace that aims to enhance communication and make the development process smoother: Developer Notifications. This feature is crafted to keep you updated with real-time notifications on crucial events concerning your apps, ensuring you’re always informed and can manage your apps more effectively.

Here’s What’s New

Agency-Level App Installations and Uninstalls Notifications: Stay on top of your app’s lifecycle with notifications whenever your app is installed or uninstalled by an agency account on the HighLevel platform. This feature is designed to help you monitor adoption rates and gain insights into how agencies are utilising your app.

App Approvals and Disapprovals Notifications: Receive prompt updates about the status of your app submissions, including whether they have been approved or disapproved.

This update is part of our ongoing effort to support our developer community and improve the HighLevel App Marketplace experience. We hope these new notifications will help you stay connected and informed, facilitating a more productive and seamless development journey.

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