Feature Update: Introducing Auto Responder: Automated Email Replies for Form & Survey Submissions 📄

Recognizing the importance of prompt engagement in today’s digital landscape, the Auto Responder feature has been developed to ensure that respondents receive immediate, automated feedback following their submission.

👀 Feature Highlights

Accessing the Feature:

– The Auto Responder sidebar is accessible by clicking the Bell icon.

– The Auto Responder option in the sidebar allows for simple setup and customization.

⭐ Configuration Options

Subject: Users can define the subject line of the auto-response email. The system defaults to the form or survey name if this field is left blank.

Reply-To Email: A reply-to email address can be specified for respondent communication.

Sender Name: Users have the option to set the sender’s name. If not specified, it defaults to the Sub-account name.

Automatic Engagement: With these settings in place, forms and surveys are equipped to automatically engage with respondents.

This new feature is set to significantly enhance user interactions, ensuring timely and automated responses to form and survey submissions.

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