Feature Update: Introducing Advanced Filters for Contacts!

We’ve just added two new filters under Contacts that make finding the right contacts a breeze!

1. Last Email Clicked Date: Reach out to contacts who recently clicked on your emails

2. Last Email Opened Date: Find contacts who’ve opened your emails recently

We’ve made it super simple to fine-tune your search:

Is Empty / Is not Empty: Find contacts with or without activity.

– More than / Less than: Set a timeframe that suits you.

– Range / This month / in month: Customize your search based on dates.

Accessing these filters is simple:

– Navigate to the Contacts tab within your dashboard.

– Click on the Filters option.

– Select either Last Email Clicked Date or Last Email Opened Date.

– Choose your desired filter options to tailor your search criteria.

Voila! Instantly access segmented contact lists tailored to your specific needs.

Note: Please be aware that we will only store dates for new and upcoming email data after this release.

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