Feature Update: Internationalisation of Domain Connect 🌍

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Internationalisation support to our Domain Connect feature allowing users to access them in their preferred language. This feature enhances usability and provides a better overall experience for users who speak languages other than English.

🌍 Our internationalisation support now includes the following languages:

– German 🇩🇪

– Spanish 🇪🇸

– French Canada 🇨🇦

– French France 🇫🇷

– Dutch 🇳🇱

– Portuguese Portugal 🇵🇹

– Portuguese Brazil 🇧🇷

– Italian 🇮🇹

– Swedish 🇸🇪

– Finnish 🇫🇮

– Norwegian 🇳🇴

With the addition of Internationalisation support, users can choose their desired language when using the Domain Connect feature. The platform will display all relevant information, instructions, and prompts in the selected language, providing a tailored experience for each user.

🔮 What’s Next:

We are committed to expanding our language support on the platform. Stay tuned for future updates on exciting new languages being added to this feature! 🌟

🛠️ How to Enable Language support?

– Go to your Sub-Account settings

– Navigate to the Business Profile section

– Select the Platform Language Preference

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