Feature Update: Integration with IONOS for Funnel and Website 🚀

😇 What’s New? 😇

Integration with IONOS: Domain Connect now supports integration with IONOS, one of the leading domain providers in the industry. This means that if you have a domain registered with IONOS, you can easily link it to any funnel and website through our platform

🔥 How It Works 🔥

– Go to the “Domain” tab and click on “Add Domain“.

– Enter your root domain or subdomain in the provided field.

– If you are adding the “www” subdomain as well, you will see a toggle option to add the root domain with it. Select if you want to add the root domain along with “www” or vice versa.

– Click on the “Next” button.

– This action will take you to the IONOS domain provider’s interface to connect or add the required DNS records automatically.

– After completing the authorization process, close that tab and return to the Domain Connect interface.

– The necessary entries will be added to our system, ensuring the connection between your domain and the desired service or application.

🤩 Benefits of Integration 🤩

Streamlined Workflow: By integrating IONOS with Domain Connect, you can streamline your domain management process. No need to switch between different platforms or manually configure DNS records. Everything can be done from one centralized location.

Enhanced Functionality: With the integration, you gain access to all the features and capabilities of Domain Connect, such as easy subdomain setup, automated DNS record configuration, and more. This empowers you to optimize your domain configuration and make the most out of your IONOS domain.


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