Feature Update: Improvements to Accessibility Score in Funnel & Website 🚀

We’re thrilled to introduce an update focused on enhancing accessibility scores across all funnels & websites.

😇 What’s fixed? 😇

😍 Duplicate Element IDs Resolved 😍

We have addressed and rectified instances of duplicate element IDs across our funnel elements. This ensures a more seamless navigation experience for users relying on assistive technologies, as it eliminates confusion and enhances screen reader compatibility.

😍 ARIA-Labels for Buttons and Anchor Tags 😍

In this update, we’ve expanded the use of ARIA labels for buttons and anchor tags, providing more descriptive and meaningful information to assistive technology users. This not only improves the overall user experience but also ensures that interactive elements are correctly interpreted by screen readers.

😎 What’s Improved? 😎

Due to the above fixes and improvements, there is a significant increase in accessibility scores in page speed and lighthouse tests. Please find the below benchmarks

🔥Note:🔥 A score of 100 can be achieved by the below tips.

– Use background and foreground colors that have a sufficient contrast ratio

– Order the heading elements in a sequentially descending order

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