Feature Update: Improved Flexibility in Forms and Surveys Management 🥳

With this latest update, you now have even greater flexibility and convenience in organising your forms and surveys.

😇 What’s New? 😇

Move Forms and Surveys to Root Folder: In our ongoing effort to improve user experience, we’ve introduced the ability to move forms and surveys directly to the root folder. This enhancement simplifies the way you organize and access your important documents.

🤩 Key Highlights 🤩

Enhanced Organizational Flexibility: You’re no longer limited to moving forms and surveys into selected folders. Now, you can place them directly in the root folder for easier access and better visibility.

Streamlined Workflow: This update is designed to streamline your workflow, making it quicker and more efficient to manage your forms and surveys. Whether you’re reorganizing existing documents or adding new ones, this enhanced functionality saves you time and effort.

User-Friendly Interface: We’ve ensured that this new feature is integrated seamlessly into our existing interface, maintaining the intuitive and user-friendly experience you’ve come to expect.

🔥 How It Works 🔥

– When moving a form or survey, you’ll now see an option to move it directly to the root folder.

– Simply select this option, and your document will be repositioned immediately, making it more accessible and prominently placed.

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