Feature Update: IMPORTANT – Toll-Free Number Registration Advisory

As a result of industry-wide changes, on November 8, 2023, all restricted (formerly called ‘unverified’) toll-free phone numbers will require registration. These verification efforts, along with increased message filtering, help to combat spam and create a trusted messaging ecosystem for you and your customers.

Who Should Register? 🤔

All toll-free numbers from the US/Canada should be registered. This ensures optimal daily sending limits and avoids potential filtering.

What if I don’t register the numbers?

In the future, messages sent through a pending toll-free number will be blocked and subject to messaging fees. Pending messaging limits are also subject to change. Any blocked messages will return Error 30032 or Error 30007.

What happens when my registration is in progress and Will my calls be impacted too?

If the numbers are in review state they would still be able to send messages. This guideline won’t impact any outbound and inbound calls.

How to Register? 🛠️

– All the sub-accounts using Twilio will have to do it via their Twilio console or reach out to Teilio

– Go to Sub-Account > Phone Numbers Tab.

– Select the Manage Numbers Tab.

– Click the three dots on the TF number.

– Choose View NumberInfo.

– Find the Toll-Free section and follow the CTA.

Post-submission review stage: Once it is submitted it will go into the review stage see below:

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