Feature Update: Image Resizing & Alignment Feature in New Form Builder πŸš€

We are excited to announce the Image Resizing & Alignment in New Form Builder and Survey Builder.

😎What’s new with this update?

– We have added an Image element setting in which the user can resize the image in the builder itself.

An image alignment option is also introduced to enhance the usability of image features in forms and surveys.

– Alt text can also be added to images for SEO purposes.

πŸ”₯ How can I use it?

– Go to Location Settings and then go to Labs

– You should be able to see “UI Revamp of Form Builder“.

– Turn on the Toggle switch for the form builder.

– Go to your form builder and you will be able to use the new builder.

😎 Add Image Element form left , Add Image, and click on image will enable resizing settings

🌟 Why is all of this important?

– It will give flexibility to make a better form & survey.

– It will reduce the form & survey builder time.

🌟 How it looks?

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