Feature Update: Handle Duplicate Account Creation

Exciting News: No More Duplicate Sub Accounts!

In response to the longstanding challenge posed by duplicate subscriptions leading to the unintended creation of multiple sub-accounts, we are thrilled to introduce a lasting solution.

Previous Approach

Whenever a new subscription was created, we automatically created a new SaaS sub-account under the agency. This meant that even if the customer’s payment failed during checkout, a new sub-account was created following the creation of an ‘incomplete’ subscription.

For a while, we successfully implemented an automatic pausing mechanism for sub-accounts associated with incomplete subscriptions. While effective in addressing financial concerns for agencies, it inadvertently triggered the creation of multiple sub-accounts.

The Solution

New SaaS sub-accounts are now automatically created only when an active subscription is created i.e. only if the payment is successful.

Note: ACH payment takes a while to get processed, hence the sub-account creation will also be delayed in this case (will automatically be created as soon as the payment is successful).

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