Feature Update: Google Organic Booking Redirect

What is Google Organic Booking?

With Google Organic Booking, GHL Calendars now allows businesses based in the US and having a Google Business Profile to seamlessly integrate their Calendars and Service Menu/Group calendars. This integration enables the automatic upload of booking links to the Google booking feed. As a result, the services start appearing directly in Google search results, enhancing your visibility to potential customers.

How It Works

Selection Flexibility: Choose specific Calendars and Service Menu/Group calendars that you want to showcase in Google search results.

Boost Your Online Presence: By having your booking links in the Google booking feed, businesses gain increased visibility, making it easier for potential customers to discover and book their services directly from Google search.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Google Organic Booking is applicable to businesses located in the United States.

2. The business must have an active Google Business Profile.

This feature is poised to enhance our customers’ businesses significantly by amplifying their online presence and furnishing direct booking links to their calendars directly through Google search results.

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