Feature Update: Google Fonts in New Form and Survey Builder with GDPR-Compliant Typography Option 🌟

We are thrilled to present a cutting-edge feature in our brand-new Form and Survey Builder: Google Fonts integrated seamlessly with GDPR-Compliant Typography.

🔥 Why Google Fonts with GDPR-Compliant Typography Option?

Design Versatility: Choose from more than 1500+ fonts, encompassing diverse styles and tones, allowing you to align your forms and surveys with your brand identity or design preferences.

GDPR Compliance at Its Core: Data privacy is paramount. Our GDPR-Compliant Typography ensures that the fonts you use in your forms and surveys strictly adhere to GDPR standards, offering you peace of mind when collecting and managing user data.

Professional Visual Appeal: Typography can significantly influence the visual appeal of your forms and surveys. With Google Fonts, you can effortlessly elevate your designs, making them appear polished and inviting.

😎 How It Works 😎

Integrating Google Fonts with GDPR-Compliant Typography is intuitive and user-friendly.

Here’s a quick guide:

Enable New Builder: Enable new builder from the Labs section in your location settings

Access Google Fonts: Open a Form and Navigate to the Font Family Settings section of our Form and Survey Builder, where you’ll discover a handpicked collection of fonts that are GDPR-compliant and suitable for various design needs.

Select Your Fonts: Choose the fonts that best align with your design vision and GDPR compliance requirements.

Fine-tune Typography: Customize font size, style, and weight to achieve the exact look and feel you desire, all while maintaining GDPR compliance.

How to Enable GDPR compliance Font: Go to right sidebar settings, In the Options tab you can find a switch to enable or disable GDPR compliance Font

Note: If you don’t find your font in the list then use the search feature attached to the font family select options that will search all possible Google fonts for you.


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