Feature Update: Google Business Profile Integration: Enhanced Experience and Improved Error Management 🛠️

Significant improvements have been made to the Google Business Profile integration flow, designed to streamline the process and enhance the overall experience. 🎉

🔍 What’s New

1️⃣ Improved Error Visibility:

Our user interface (UI) now offers better visibility into potential errors that might occur, including:

– Ownership conflicts: Cases where a GMB location is mapped with another GMB account.

– Suspended/Disabled GMB accounts: In line with Google Security guidelines.

– Cases where the account is unverified or requires re-verification.

– Situations where the GMB page verification process is still ongoing.

2️⃣ Automated Email to Google Support:

– To resolve the ‘Unlaunch Agent‘ issue, we’ve implemented an automated email system to Google support.

– If we detect that a GMB listing has been launched with a partner other than LeadConnector, we now automatically send ‘Unlaunch Emails’ to Google Messaging support from the respective locations.

3️⃣ PlaceID Issue:

– To tackle the issue of multiple agents being created for the same GMB account in our LeadConnector Business through APIs, we’ve implemented a concurrent request block on the API for the same GMB PlaceID.

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