Feature Update: Giving Emails a New Look

We have enhanced the way emails appear in Conversations. This will enable users to manage their communications in a more streamlined and effective way

What’s new?

Sleek View: Users can now view all the info about their emails in a single line. This condensed view will enable users to get a brief overview at a single glance, making it easier for them to navigate through multiple communications at the same time

Email Threading: Emails are now organized into easy-to-follow threads. All emails will appear in chronological order, to manage conversations efficiently.

Status Tracking: Users can gain real-time insights when an email has been opened, delivered, or failed. If there are multiple recipients, we have introduced partial delivered status as well.

Reply and Reply All in Threads: Users can choose to send replies to just the ‘from recipient’ or reply to ‘all the recipients’ in the email, making it easier to manage threads without the hassle of manual recipient selection.


Efficient Communication: The new email look simplifies email threading, ensuring all related messages are intuitively grouped together for a more efficient conversation flow.

Enhanced Transparency: Status tracking provides valuable feedback on the delivery and engagement of users’ emails, which helps in improving communication strategy.

Simplified Inbox Management: The sleek condensed view offers a clutter-free inbox, reducing distractions and enhancing productivity

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