Feature Update: GDPR Compliant Fonts Now Available for Funnels & Websites!🌟

We heard your concerns about GDPR compliance, especially for those operating within the EU. The good news? We’ve made it effortless to comply with GDPR when using fonts on your funnels and websites. Here’s what you need to know:

🌟 What’s New

# Easy Switch to GDPR-Compliant Fonts 🛡️

– With just a toggle, your clients can now make all the fonts in the funnels GDPR-compliant (except fonts loaded via review widgets & custom codes).

# Faster Font Loading ⚡

Boosted Performance: We’ve moved font computation to the backend, resulting in faster page load times.

🤔 Previous Behavior

– Your clients had trouble ensuring GDPR compliance due to the usage of Google Fonts.

– No native options to switch from Google Fonts for GDPR compliance.

– Manually adding fonts required custom codes, impacting page speed.

🛠️ How to Activate the New Feature

Go to Funnel Settings > Navigate to the settings of the funnel working on > Enable GDPR-Compliant Fonts > Locate and toggle on the ‘GDPR Compliant Fonts‘ option.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Now your clients can rest easier knowing the funnels and websites are more GDPR-compliant, without sacrificing performance. 🎉

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