Feature Update: Full Screen Mode in New Form Builder 🔥

We are thrilled to introduce an exciting enhancement to our New Form Builder that brings a new level of customization to your forms.

😎 What’s New

Full screen mode in forms refers to a display setting that maximizes the utilization of the entire screen space where it’s embedded till its defined form width to enhance the user experience when interacting with the form.

– When activated, the form content occupies the complete screen area where it is embedded till its defined form width in the builder.

– When deactivated, it works exactly like previously where it was adding extra padding which makes the form looks shrink

🌟 Key features of the New Update

– Provide a visible and intuitive way for users to activate and deactivate Full Screen mode.

– Complete utilisation of space given when embedded in our funnels or third-party funnels.

🚀 How to use Full Screen Mode:

– Go to Location Settings and then go to Labs

– You should be able to see “UI Revamp of Form Builder“.

Turn on the toggle switch for the form builder.

– Go to your form builder and you will be able to use the new builder.

– Open right sidebar

– Go to Styles tab

– On/Off the Full Screen Mode Option

💡 Examples and before and after comparison

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