Feature Update: File and Image Upload Through Document API 🌟

🤩 What’s New? 🤩

We are introducing an enhancement to our Form and Survey Product.

Images and files uploaded through forms and surveys will be listed in the contacts page as well for easy access. All the file and image uploads will be happening through document API instead of separate buckets making all files be stored in a centralized place.

🌟 How to Access Files?🌟

– Click on the Contacts page

– Click on the Document tab which is on the top right side

– Click on the Received tab

– Click on forms or survey folder to get the file list

🤩 Key Benefits 🤩

Centralised: By using document API, the file upload will be in a single place.

Folder Wise Storage: Files submitted through the form will go into the forms folder and the same goes for the survey

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