Feature Update: Expanding Email Possibilities: Introducing CC and BCC Features to Our Email Composer 🚀

We are excited to announce the addition of the CC ( Carbon Copy ) and BCC ( Blind Carbon Copy ) features to our email composer. With this latest update, users now have more flexibility and control over their email communications.

The addition of CC and BCC features expands the communication possibilities for users. Users can now involve multiple stakeholders, keep relevant parties in the loop, and maintain confidentiality, all within a single email thread.

Users can currently access this feature via Labs.

Here are the key highlights of this release:

👥 Improved Communication Options:

– The email composer has been enhanced to accommodate the CC and BCC fields seamlessly.

– Users can easily locate and access the CC and BCC fields alongside the ‘To‘ field when composing an email. 🔍

– Users can click on the CC/BCC field to expand and click on it again for the field to collapse

– Users can select an email ID from the dropdown list of all contact emails or type a new one. 🆕

– All relevant details can be viewed in the message details. 🕵️‍♀️

📨 CC (Carbon Copy) Feature:

– Users can now include additional recipients in the CC field while composing an email. 🧑‍💻

– The CC feature allows users to send a copy of the email to the listed recipients, keeping them informed about the conversation.🔄

– Simply enter the desired CC recipients’ email addresses in the designated field, and they will receive a copy of the email.

🕶️ BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) Feature:

– The BCC feature provides an extra layer of privacy, allowing users to include recipients without revealing their identities to other participants. 👥

– Users can add email addresses in the BCC field. The recipients in the ‘To‘ and ‘CC‘ fields won’t know about their inclusion.

– BCC recipients receive a copy of the email, ensuring their anonymity in the conversation. 🕵️‍♂️

Enhanced Synchronization:

– Users can add any number of CC or BCC recipients.

– This update is fully compatible with 2-way sync. Any email recipients added or removed from our platform will reflect in Gmail/Outlook and vice versa.

⚠️ Limitations:

– ❌ A contact isn’t created if an external email is added to CC/BCC.

– 👤 If an existing contact’s email address is added in CC/BCC, it will appear only under the primary contact’s conversation (to recipient) and not under other contacts.

– 🚫 Removing CC/BCC recipients mid-thread isn’t possible at this stage.

– 📧 For emails with CC/BCC recipients, the only response option available is ‘Reply All’.

🔍 Availability:

– This feature is now accessible as “CC BCC v2” under the Labs section in Sub-Account Settings.

– This feature is available for all email channels, including Mailgun, Leadconnector(2 Way Sync) – Gmail and Outlook, SMTP email, Custom Providers and Custom Conversations Providers.

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