Feature Update: Enhanced Verification, UI Improvements & Increased LC Email Sending Limit! 📧

Exciting news! Our LC Email verification system has been updated with new enhancements. Here’s what you need to know:

🛂 Sub-Account Level Email Verification

– Sub-account users now have the ability to enable or disable email verification.

– When email verification is enabled by a sub-account user, an email notification will be sent to all non-deleted agency admins and the company email.

Note: This functionality is only available for LC email users.


🌟 Email Verification UI Enhancements

– The Email verification details interface has been upgraded on the contact page to display the status as ✅ Verified, ❌ Invalid, and ⚠ī¸ Not Verified.

– Reasons for invalid email addresses are now shown, helping to clarify why an email is marked as Invalid.

📩 Download Option for Email Service Settings

– A download option is now available for Email service settings, benefiting users with high-volume accounts.

🚀 Increased Sending Limit

– The daily sending limit has been increased from 150K to 450K for LC email dedicated domain users, offering more flexibility for large-scale communications.

These changes are designed to provide greater control, clarity, and capacity in managing email communications within the platform.

ℹī¸ Explore more about LC Email dedicated domain – How to Set Up a Dedicated Sending Domain (LC Email) 👈

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