Feature Update: Enhanced User Interface for Credit Card and Google Pay/Apple Pay Payments on Order Forms

– We have revamped the user interface while making payments on order forms using Stripe. This includes a major change of automatically displaying Google Pay and Apple Pay without the need for an additional click on the Other tab

– The element to capture credit card details is further enhanced which feels more secure and standard for the leads, thus driving more conversions for your business

– The Other payment tab will no longer exist on order forms, Google Pay will be shown by default for the lead/contact if the browser and geography conditions are fulfilled.

– Businesses would be required to turn the toggle on the Integrations page on Stripe Connect for an additional requirement of registering domains for displaying Apple Pay.

– This release solves some crucial pain points like displaying Google Pay/Apple Pay more prominently while making payment on the order form, transactions being created in the pending state when the user clicks on the Other payment option, and SaaS accounts getting created in the paused state because of the Other payments tab. These friction while making the payment no longer exist

– If Google Pay/Apple Pay is not available, only the credit card option will be shown

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