Feature Update: Enhanced UI and A2P 10 DLC Banner 📞

We’re thrilled to announce some fresh updates to the LC Phone System! This T3 release focuses on enhancing user experience with a revamped interface and important notifications.

What’s New 🌟

1 . Revamped UI for Providers 🎨

What’s Changed: Our interface has had a makeover, now featuring the Vue3 Design Language. This brings a more consistent look across the system and introduces streamlined, intuitive icons.

Where to Find It: This updated UI is located in the Phone Number Tab under Advanced Settings and is only visible to the agency.

2 . A2P 10 DLC Banner 🚩

Who It’s For: This banner will appear for Subaccounts under LC Phone that have at least one US Local/Mobile number and have not completed A2P Registration.

Visibility: Once you close the banner, it will not appear again.

🚨 Important Notes 📝

SMS carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, ClearSky, etc., will cease message delivery for you and your clients after August 31, 2023, unless you complete the required registration.

Please refer to the following help docs to ensure compliance for both yourself and your clients:

1. LC Phone System Trust Center

2. A2P 10DLC Brand Approval Best Practices

3. A2P 10DLC Campaign Approval Best Practices

This information is relevant only if you are using local or mobile numbers to send SMS messages within the USA.

This does not apply to Toll-Free numbers. Toll-free number registration is simpler when compared to A2P 10DLC and also free.

If you’d rather not deal with the complexities of registering for A2P 10DLC for yourself and your clients, switching to Toll-Free numbers may be a good interim strategy.

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