Feature Update: Enhanced Tracking with Lost Reason for Opportunities! πŸ”

Gain deeper insights into the lead process with our new feature that lets to capture the reason for lost opportunities. This enhancement aids in a better understanding of areas for improvement and further refining the opportunity strategy.

🌟 Here’s What’s New

β–Έ Capture Lost Reasons:

– Whenever an opportunity is marked as lost, your customers can now specify the reason from a drop-down list.

β–Έ Two Methods to Mark as Lost:

Simply drag the opportunity to the “Lost” status.

– Inside the opportunity modal, choose the status “Lost“.

β–Έ Add New Lost Reasons: If the existing reasons don’t match your scenario, you can effortlessly add a new one.

β–Έ Improved Update Options:

– If the user changes the status by dragging, clicking “Update” will save the opportunity as lost with the selected reason.

– Clicking “Cancel” will mark the opportunity as lost without specifying a reason.

β–Έ Visible Insights on Cards: The reasons for lost opportunities are displayed directly on the opportunity cards. Plus, for a cleaner look, you can choose to hide/show this reason using the “Additional Fields Filter”.

Why Is This Beneficial?

By capturing the reason for lost opportunities, teams can:

– Understand and analyze why certain leads didn’t convert.

– Make informed decisions to minimize future losses based on these insights.

πŸ”œ Coming Soon

We’re introducing filters for lost reasons, making it even easier to sort and analyze your data. Stay tuned!

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