Feature Update: Enhanced Sub-Account Attribution Reporting 📊

We’re thrilled to roll out phase 2 of our optimized Attribution Reporting. It’s designed to give business owners richer insights into revenue, leads, opportunities, and sessions. Dive into our revamped Attribution Reporting with advanced data points and a fresh design!

📈 New Features & Improvements:

Top Stats Overview: At a glance, see pivotal metrics such as Revenue Closed, Opportunities Won, Total Leads, and Total Sessions.

Revamped Statistics Tab: Back by popular demand, we’ve reintroduced the statistics tab for a quicker and clearer understanding of the data. This tab will showcase:

– Revenue Closed

– Opportunities Won

– Total Leads

– Total Sessions

Custom Dashboards: These stats cards are prepping the ground for the Location Dashboard, where soon be able to craft a personalized dashboard.

Revenue Generated Chart: A brand-new revenue-generated chart pinpoints the dates fueling the most revenue to the business.

Internationalization Support: The updated section is now multilingual with our internationalization feature.

Dive in, explore, and harness the power of these advanced data points to boost your customer’s business! 📈

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