Feature Update: Enhanced Notifications for Auto-Recharge Failures in Location Wallet 📣

Gain clarity on auto-recharge issues with detailed failure reasons right in your email notifications.

🌟 What’s New?

When an auto-recharge doesn’t go through, agency admins will now receive a detailed email specifying the exact reason for the payment failure. This means quicker resolutions and improved transparency!

🔔 Here’s a breakdown of the failure messages you might encounter:

Insufficient Funds: The client’s account doesn’t have enough funds to process this payment.

Authentication Required: Payment needs authentication. Please ask the client to log in and authenticate the payment.

No Default Payment Method: Oops! There’s no default payment method set. Ask the client to log in and choose one.

Card Declined by Bank: The bank has declined the card. Please notify the client to re-attempt the payment or consider changing the card on the platform.

Other Card Issues: The card was declined for unspecified reasons. Please guide the client to log in, re-attempt payment, or update card details.

Stay informed, act swiftly, and ensure a smoother billing experience! 💳🚀

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