Feature Update: Enhanced Multi-File Upload Functionality in Form/Survey 🚀

🤩🤩 What’s New? 🤩🤩

We are thrilled to announce significant enhancements to our Multi-File Upload feature.

This update brings two major improvements:

File Deletion Capability: Gain the flexibility to delete individual files from the multi-file upload field, thanks to the new intuitive delete icon next to each file.

Expanded File Accessibility in Exports and Notifications: We’ve upgraded the handling of file uploads in CSV exports, email notifications, and auto-responders. Instead of just the first file’s link, now each file in a multi-file upload field will have its link.

🤗 How It Works 🤗

Deleting a File: Simply click the delete icon next to the file in the multi-file upload field in the form/survey preview.

Accessing File Links: In CSV exports, email notifications, and auto-responders, each file uploaded through the multi-file upload field will have its link provided.

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